How-To Video


  1. What is the Smart-Teleprompter?
    • The Smart-Teleprompter is a way to write and read scripts all in the same place. It also allows transportation of the teleprompter.

  2. What is in the future for the Smart-Teleprompter?
    • Eventually there will be a way to create multiple user presets, as well as allowing the user to read test scripts and find out an average reading speed to help make writing scripts more efficient.

  3. Why am I not getting my verification email?
    • At this moment, emails are not working from the system. This will be fixed soon. Please ignore the verification for now.

  4. Other Questions?
    • Please use the Contact Us page (The contact us page is broken please send to to ask any questions, as well as suggesting any other FAQs we may need.